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The administration of the community responsibility is to perform the duties that according to the Condominium Act correspond to the administrator, and to carry out the decisions taken by the Board of Proprietors. 

Change of administrator:

• Collect and archive all documentation relating to the building.
• Report on the status of the community at that time

Procurement of services:

• Order water meters and electricity on behalf of the community
• Conclusion of contracts with companies, individuals or providers or community services study of utilities contracts to be improved.
• Supervision and control of contracted services.
• Compliance and delivery of the Social Security statements concerning workers assigned to the community


• Elaboration of board of proprietor´s calls
• Implementation of the proceedings adopted by the Board of Proprietors
• Writing minutes
• Modeling representation bulletin boards Owners
• Presence at Owners Meetings
• Confirmation of the existence of multi-risk or fire insurance
• Community Representation before administrative or judicial entities

Finance and accounting

• Active searching of grants and funding for the community.
• Request for Tax Number on behalf of the community (if necessary)
• Opening of accounts on behalf of the community (if necessary)
• Preparation of annual budget
• Payment of expenses of the community
• Presentation and application of at least three bids for the conservation or reforms of the common areas
• Map with the value of the quota for each owner
• Presentation of a plan to reduce insurance costs for the community
• Issuing receipts for payment of community fees
• Debt Collection
• Preparation of balance sheets
• Preparation of maps of the community fees paid and unpaid


• Delivering a password to the owners so that they can access all the financial and accounting information
• Continuously updated online information.
• Preparation of a monthly report on the status of the community to which the owners have access
• Ability to communicate by email the existence of faults, complaints, suggestions or requests for information to be promptly answered.
• Consultation of monitoring the work of repairs.


• Bi -monthly inspection of community facilities
• Zeal for the implementation of security measures
• Check deadlines for inspection of lifts by the competent company
• Zeal for the timeliness of inspections of gas pipelines legally required (if necessary).

Legal advocacy and conflict mediation

• Clarification of legal questions on Horizontal Property Act
• Section of questions and answers by the owners of the online community
• Mediation of disputes concerning the common parts.