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How TMS helps the president of the community?

Through our website comprehensive information service and continued update on the status of the community, track repairs, and board of questions and suggestions. We will keep the owners informed as well as answer to their questions, relieving the president of this work but greatly improving communication and information between all members of the community.

  • Conflict Resolution: mediate between neighborhood problems and try to act proactively to prevent them.
  • Delinquency: We take care of the bad debt problems without the president having to be involved.
  • Efficiency and vocation for the savings of the community.

Management of the Owners that TMS performs is an integrative management in which management is responsible for both the administration and the maintenance of the property. Thus, the control of the operation and status of the community is performed more efficiently by the manager the only valid interlocutor with regard to the Community.


TMS offers the ability to customize our services to suit the needs of their community through individual or combined procurement of our five service units:

- Community Management
- Basic Maintenance
- Cleaning
- Gardening & Pools
- Concierge


The Community Management Service ensures a monthly review by our staff of the urbanization facilities to study the general state of the same. The goal is to anticipate possible damage and to repair it at an early stage of the problem. Every six months there will be a more detailed review by a professional expert to try to identify potential problems of greater magnitude. Such review shall take place even after major weather events that have affected the property.


Negotiate the best bonuses for money for the insurance market of the Community. Monitoring of all expenditures of the community to see if they can be reduced. Proactively seek grants and funding for construction and renovation. We will also continually monitors the supply and request at least three quotes for each job to be carried out. We will check-ups in the common areas of the Community.


TMS prepare a monthly report on the status of the Community and material events for the same: failure, monitoring and resolving them, notification of the President, etc. ... which may be accessed via the Internet by all owners. Likewise, the owners will have access to the accounts, and minutes of meetings of the Community. Owners will be provided with a suggestion box to serve the owners which will provide answers


TMS agrees to mediate the possible conflicts that arise between the owners regarding the common areas. THE TMS philosophy is to create a common space through information and constant communication to all owners feel an integral part in equal measure, as to avoid the unfortunately common "power struggles" between groups of owners that both harm the welfare of many communities.


TMS's commitment to efficiency is total. Respond quickly and effectively to all requirements and problems arising in the Community.