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These electronic devices which warn of the presence of people in and consists of detectors, control panel, keyboard control, and sometimes remote control and high security keys

There are basically two types:

Alarms connected to a monitoring station: Transmit the alarm signal through the landline or GSM to a central station which, once verified by specialized operators, is reported to the police to intervene. This whole process lasts a few minutes.

Alarms that operate in local mode: They are cut when the computer detects an alien presence, simply activate the siren in the home or business and the customer does not receive any notice.

Normally an alarm system costs between 500 € and 1,000 €. You For this service, you will pay a monthly fee of 25 € and 40 € per month.

TMS seek the best solution for the security of your home or development, be it installing a video surveillance system or a simple alarm. We work with the best companies in the sector.