Tailor Maid Solutions - Complete Solution to your Property


At TMS we move away from the traditional idea of managing agent who works away from the community that manages, who has no contact with the owners and who is difficult to access.

TMS's philosophy is to proactively manage, efficient and transparent community, integrating all members of the same maintaining open channels of communication with management and ensuring the greatest possible savings.

Proactive and efficient: TMS do not expect to try to prevent problems from occurring, however in the event of any unexpected work to fix it immediately.

Communication, unity and transparency: Integration of owners, board and manager to promote, through transparent and continuous communication , the union local synergies and positive behaviors to support, care and appreciation of both good for all economically relevant : your building / development and a core value for the quality of community life, respect for the common coexistence.

Save: Review of costs. Fundraising. Effective monitoring of arrears.