Tailor Maid Solutions - Complete Solution to your Property



Service performed by a team of professionals with the frequency needed depending on the time and work to be carried in your property.

TMS provides its guests with all the specialized equipment needed to perform the work free of charge to the community.


Our specialty is designing and creating gardens.

Our lawn service includes:

• Lawn Care
• Mow periodically according to time depending on the state and species of seeds and its needs.
• Campaign for winter mulch
• Campaign fertilization
• Harrowing annual grass
• Lawn Aeration
• Replanting and newspapers Acorn germination times

Tree & Shrub Care

• Pruning height, logging and airy for a perfect aesthetic
• Guided bush if its purpose is to form hedges
• Specific fungicide treatments
• Awareness of chemical and organic fertilizers
Irrigation system maintenance
• Installation of risks of all kinds
• Clean and spray sprinkler system
• Replacing defective parts
• Maintaining proper programmer and use

Flower Care Centers

• Sharpen the edges of the same
• Caring for plants that comprise
• Removal of weeds
• Work-digging
• Implementation of cork


The objective of TMS is to cover all the needs of your property by one company by providing a complete full service pool cleaning and maintenance throughout the year including:

• Maintenance and conservation.
• Clean the entire perimeter of the pool and shower trays.
• Open in summer tweaking (water treatment.)
• Clean bottom, walls and curbs.
• Clean filters and glasses (plant).
• Controls water (chlorine, pH, scale, algae, bacteria).
• Close in winter (water treatment in winter).
• Installation of canvas.
• Milk (glass restoration of the pool).
• Installation of light sources